RF - Wireless Technology & Services
The world's leader in digital RF

As the world’s leader in digital RF and low-latency wireless broadcasting, both short & long-range, Euro Media Group has been responsible for producing large events such as the Tour De France and some of the largest sporting events in the world. Our Goal? To provide state of the art RF technology to be used in the making of television programmes covering sports, news and light entertainment events. Our equipment is tailored to the specific task and needs of our clients, supported by 24/7 technical support and our extensive range of backup equipment.  We are totally flexible to the needs of our clients whether it is a single antenna or a large scale engineered project. 

International expertise in short, mid- & long range RF

EMG is internationally recognised for its wealth of experience, highly-qualified staff and unrivalled expertise in RF broadcasting. We are exclusive suppliers to some of the world’s largest television facility companies and operate the most innovative short, mid and long range RF equipment available in the world. We have stayed at the forefront of the RF industry by developing some unique UHD RF products and by making the hire of RF equipment easy and cost effective.

Euro Media Group has RF services in the following countries : 

Promoting innovation through cutting-edge R&D

Our R&D division Livetools Technologies is an EMG proprietary solution and a worldwide leader in wireless links specialising in : 

  • Manufacturing of UHD & HD transmitters & receivers
  • Long range robust & high-quality Up/Downlink
  • Engineering & integration of metropolitan wireless video network
  • Custom solutions & services
Real time GPS tracking

Our RF division in France developed SMACS (Smart Connected Sensors) which can give riders’ positions in a race, using real-time GPS tracking. With the help of sensors, this solution can give precise and immediate information on the exact positions of each rider and analyse tracking data : ranking, performance, speed, times, averages etc.

This system completes the RF resources and provides content enrichment that offers viewers new experiences across all devices.